Today, I logged into my online banking account. Hehehe there is a new figure that make my smile. Even though the figure is not huge, but I think it enough to support my life. Next week I will go shopping! =D

English.. Improve it

Yesterday morning we got our result for ACE training, fortunately, I passed the training. Starting next week we will undergo the Product Training for 4 weeks. AJ said that I was lucky because I got 78 points; 3 points more than passing point. She advised that I have to read a lot and aloud to improve my English pronunciation and accent. My colleagues also gave many good advices to me. Some of them suggest bookstores that I can buy many used books with even for a 50 cent. I able to improve my grammar and vocabulary as well.

lonely road..

My New Image in Bussiness Attier

I've start my working life since 5 days ago. Even though I'm not in the real scenario of the job and undergoing for training, what I learned during this 5 days help me a lots to face the challenging of the job. For this 2 weeks, I start 12.00 am in the midnight until 9.00 am in the morning. It's quite rare for me to stay in the midnight to early morning, but I've used to it since the job need me to work in this hours.

Today is Saturday. It's a different day to me because it's quite quiet day. Everyday I walk from the workplace to the LRT station at KLCC, there were many people walk along with me. I wondered why it was so quiet, then I remembered "Owh,today is Saturday. There is only several people work on today. No wonder it is so quite".

I started to feel bored because I see nobody. Suddenly I saw a lady with brown top, she rushed to go to her office,maybe. In less than 5 minutes, I saw many more relief. Ahaha.. I bumped with a guy with black t-shirt, a lady with blue plastic beg on her hand and a group of people who were waiting for bus or taxi in front of KLCC building. There were also 3 kids who just came out from a bus. They seem to be so happy..owh no wondered they felt that way because their mother took them to KLCC.

I walked downstair to the LRT station. Right after I reached the first level, I saw 2 ladies and a man asked for direction from security guard. The security seem not understand the lady who spoke in English. They wanted to go to fountain which located outside the building but they did know the location. I walked towards them and show the direction. I was so happy because I help someone today. Even though my English is not so good, I try to help them and I'm so happy with that. Now I know, English is useful and important. After that, I walked downstair to the second level to get a train.