mY cOnv0 dAY

spend for commencement ceremony

In the previous post, I said that I'm going to buy a tudung to match with my "kebarung" at Selayang Mall. Unfortunately, right after I arrived at the shop in the mall, I was so disappointed because the shop is closed. I got no idea when to get a tudung at Jln Masjid India since we were going to my father's hometown in the evening. However, my mother said that we can have the tudung at Sungai Besar. Yes, my mother was right! We went to Arked Man at Sungai Besar before we came back home from the hometown. I bought two tudung; one for my commencement ceremony and another just for my collection. I was not hesitated to buy the tudung because it is only RM29.90 for bawal 1 with bright shining crystal. I believed it is worthy!

cOnvOcaTioN iS aRouNd thE cOrneR

I'm so excited lately because my convocation day is around the corner. Next week will be the day. Today I'm going to Selayang Mall to buy a tudung for my convocation. I'm also going to Bank Islam to pay for a package of convocation frame. I'm so excited that I will have my degree certificate because after that the process of hunting job will be going better.

Even though now I have a job waiting for me, but I need to find another job because I'm not feeling okay with the job waiting. I'm worry about the location of the office that shared the same building with petrol station;Shell. I thanked Allah that last two days Andy from PA called me said that the job will be start on 13th Oct. So I got much time for me to find another job.

Duty Report : 22nd September

Cess ingatkan ada la second interview, penat aje menggelabah. Hahaha.. tp bagus gak la xyah membodohkan diri dpn interviewer. Sampai sana 1jam lebih awal dari masa yang Mr.Lawrence tetapkan. Selamba je la, dh sampai lgpun kan.. Tunggu jap dalam 5minutes, signed Letter of Agreement..pastu balik. Amek masa 25minutes je kat situ. Eh,abah tunggu la! xyah buang duit amek teksi p stesen LRT Taman Jaya. Abah bawa p Kota Kemuning, p office VPM jap. Kul 12:15 balik umah ngn abah.
smpat snap 1 photo kt office VPM

I sHouLd hAvE a GreaTfuL hEarT

About an hour ago, I got a call from Mr. Lawrance regarding to the interview yesterday. It's suprising me because yesterday he said that we will know the result of the interview on next week. Besides, I think this is so early for me know the result today.

It's sound grateful that I am selected to join the company but in the same time it's also kind of litle burden in my heart. That is because the salary is less than I got from TeleTech. PA were considered me as a fresh graduate, therefore I will got 'big' salary. Yeah, whatever! At least I got a job waiting for me. But the most burden that I feel is I still hoping that I could join Sony =(.

On this coming Monday, I will have a second interview with PA's HR at 11:30. I should be grateful that I got a job.