16 Sept 2008

Today is 16 September 2008. Huhuhu...I thought something will happen to our beloved country; Malaysia as they had said lately. Hurm...I don't know, maybe they have reasons why there was nothing happen today. Go back to my career life, I got a replied from Mr.Hairol regarding to my application to join VLSI JobCamp. He said that I am selected to join the program and the program will start after Eid.

I'm happy with myself

Last week I got a call from Lawrence. Since I was not attended the interview with their client, I am not selected to join the project with the client. I got the call when I was in the tuition center; I work there. Therefore, I got no promising job now. Meanwhile, the owner of the tuition center offered me to work with her from 1200 to 1800 every Mon to Fri until this Dec. She offered me with RM800 monthly, it's include teaching salary. Ermm..honestly it's not enough to me but I won't hesitate to take the offer since I got no job recently.

"It's ok. This is normal"

Yesterday I went to PA office in PJ. I suppose to have an interview with AVG, PA's client. Half an hour before I planned to go, I got stomachache and I also feel like to puke. However I manage to arrived there 5minutes before the interview.

Right after I reached there, Lawrence was the first I saw and he greeted me. "How are you today?", he said. "I'm not feel so well. Honestly I got stomachache", I replied.

"Do you want to go to toilet first?"

"It's ok. I have it before but I still got stomachache. However I thinks it should be no problem"

"So, are you ready for the interview?"


"Ok, let have a seat"

Lawrence and I seat at chairs near the entrance door. I said to him that I am grateful that he accepted me, hired me for the job. I know now a days, it is difficult to get a job. But actually.. "This is not what you want. It that right?", he said. Yes, this is not what I want.

"I see. It's ok. When do you suppose to start with us?"

"13 Oct, after Raya"

"Ok, you don't have to worry. Go home and think slowly. Think what you want and what you have to do. There are so many job out there. So you still got much time to find one. But if you want to be with us, let me know on 1st Oct."

"Is it ok with you? Am I dissappoint you? So what about the interview?"

"No. No, don't borther about that. It is ok. This is normal. Think about yourself. What you want.. I'll handle for that."

Lawrence, he so understanding..