oPss, I DiD iT aGaiN!!!

I went to an interview this morning as I said in previous post. My brother sent me to the Professional Advantage office in PJ. We got no difficulties to find the office eventhough I never been there before.

From the Federal Highway, we took the Jalan Barat exit and went straight down. We saw the Tenaga Nasional building on the left and the Amcorp Mall on the right. We went straight down to a roundabout and went 12 O'clock to reach Wisma Yan on the left. I reached the office at 09:30 and met Mr. Lawrance Annies.

Mr. Lawrance welcomed me and gave a form to fill in. It is a biodata form that I need to fill as well as my resume. After finished to fill in the form, I walked into the interview room since there was no one else to have an interview except me. The interview went for about 15 minute and only God knows why I was not nervous. I took it easy and manage not to feel any pressure.

However, it is not so good interview session. Maybe I was not take it seriously. Gee, I even said something that took myself down. What happen to my confident? Self-esteem?


I'm going to have an interview tomorrow morning for helpdesk agent. In my heart, I still hoping that I will be selected to join Sony. I dream a job in a production line in manufacturing field. Since the helpdesk agent position will be starting on September, I get a month to wait for reply from Sony. All I think now is about to work with Sony and the voice; "please give me a chance,Sony" is bugging me all the time.

Customer Service again...

I got a call from Kumar; an agent from Right Search, about a job opportunity in PJ. The job is in IT field, and also a customer service job. The company will start hiring on September but now on their started to look for candidates. Based on Kumar speaking, they are interested with my background in customer service job. They are now looking for ladies to work with them since they had got many guys. Eventhough I am not very interested with the customer service job, but I think I should give a try since nowadays it is not easy for us to get our dream job. I will go for an interview on Thursday at 10:00 in PJ near the Amcorp Mall.

asyik kena berhenti aje...xpe,pengalaman tu

lately,I'm quite busy with school and tuition. pg ngajar kt sekolah,ptg n mlm ngajar kt tuition. tp baru kje 4hari kt sekolah,dh kna berhenti. ermm..pengetua ckp jodoh xpnjang. hehehe.. the problem is dari tarikh mula berkhidmat smpai 15hb Ogos ni,aku cuma ade 26hari je sedangkan syarat supaya jabatan pendidikan blh byr ialah sekurang2nya 28hari. so nk wat cmne,klu teruskan jugak sekolah xmampu nak bayar gaji aku. PIBG dh la xde duit sejak kerajaan buat peraturan baru. nk xnk today is the last day. sbnrnye mmg nk la,xkesah pun. bkn sombong,bkn memilih tp jiwa aku bkn ke arah bidang ni. lain dgn ngajar kt tuition sbb aku anggap tu hobi je.

TeleTech Memories...sob sob =`(

I have been terminated from TeleTech for about 2 weeks. It is not my fault nor TeleTech for the termination. TeleTech lost one of the bigger client. Since my colleagues and I were new in the company and we were also still undergoing training, we were the first group that been 'kick' by TeleTech. Personally, I don't feel bad about it and take it as an experience in my life. Besides, I thank to TeleTech that had give me an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience during the training program. I will miss my colleagues and my trainers;AJ and Izam. I have good time with all of them.